Megan Hart is the owner and founder of Herbal Body Health, LLC.  Megan has always had a love of nature and a great respect for what it provides.  She began her path in herbalism in 2003 while interning at Heron Botanicals in Poulsbo, Washington.  There, she had formal training in the craft of preparing herbal remedies and gained hands-on experience growing and harvesting herbs.  In 2005, Megan graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in herbal medicine/ethnobotany and sustainability.  Megan is currently working towards earning her Master Herbalist certification through a correspondence course taught by Paul V. Beyerl M.H. (Author of The Master Book of Herbalism). For our tinctures we use mixture of grain alcohol and distilled water for the solvent, unless otherwise noted.”



hollyhock.jpgHerbal Body Health (formerly HerbAlchemy) began in Megan’s garden in 2004.  She took the knowledge she gained at the botanical farm and began creating her own herbal formulas, including our signature product, The Sexy Salve.  We currently grow between 20-30 different herbs in our garden.  It is our goal to grow 90% of the herbs used in our products.
A side note: All of the photos within the website and emails are of the plants in our gardens or from our wild-crafting hunts.

About our products:

mullein.jpgWe ensure all of the herbs used in our products are either organic, sustainably wild-crafted or at a minimum grown naturally without pesticides.  All of the oils used in the salves are of the highest quality and always organic. It is our mission to support organic agriculture and sustainable, fair-trade practices.
We do our best to provide information about each product and herb, but it is up to you to know the product you are using.  Our products and the information contained within our websites and emails have not been approved by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or ailment.


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Immunity Booster

“Helps To Combat Your Viral & Bacterial Infections And Illnesses With An All Natural, Organic, Ethically Wild-Crafted Blend Of Potent Herbs”